Struggling with Retaining Top Nurses? Here’s What NOT to Do

Are you concerned about your retention rates for top nursing talent? If you’re having trouble keeping nurses happy and engaged in your department, it might be time to reevaluate your processes to ensure you’re creating the right working environment for success. Even if you’re not currently experiencing challenges, these are great tips to keep in mind to prevent problems from starting. Here’s what not to do when you’re struggling to retain top nurses

Don’t ignore small employment issues.

As a manager, you should always be on the lookout for retention issues that could balloon into something much bigger down the road. Don’t ignore these issues when you see them. Instead, address them as early as possible to create a pathway to solving the problem and keep your top talent engaged and happy.

Don’t micromanage your nursing staff.

Some managers fall into the trap of feeling more like a dictator rather than a delegator. This is a fine line, so it’s imperative that you notice it before it causes is a big problem. Micromanagement is one of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction on the job, so be sure that you’re not dictating every last second of your nurses’ jobs.

Don’t make short-term budget cuts.

Every department leader has been tasked with saving money. And some managers feel like the best way to handle the problem is to make short-term budget cuts that help in the now but may hurt in the future. When you’re tasked with saving money, take time to ensure that the cuts you make now don’t negatively affect your staff.

Don’t expect too few nurses to handle too many patients.

Finally, one of the biggest factors leading to nurse burnout is poor patient ratios. If a nurse doesn’t feel like they can spend the proper amount of time caring for each patient, they will quickly become frustrated. And, more importantly, the patients will also notice that their care is suffering due to the dissatisfaction with the job.

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