Preparation – What’s the Right Amount for Your Next Job Search?

If you’ve been in the job market at all in the last few years, you know that experts recommend you prepare for your upcoming interview. What do they mean by that? Preparation is equal parts research and personal attitude. But how in-depth should you get before your next interview? Here are some tips to get you started and help you better manage your time and expectations

It’s not a test.

The truth is, you don’t need to know absolutely everything about nursing, about the facility, or anything else before you go talk to a potential employer. It’s not a test and you won’t be graded. Conduct research on the background of the company and know enough to show you did some reading. Remember the key parts of the job description that stuck out to you. Bring up the latest trends in the industry you find interesting.

Prepare for questions.

What you can do is prepare for some of the most common interview questions. You will be asked about your education and experience. Many hiring managers will use behavioral questions that start with “Tell me about a time when,” to better understand what you bring to the table. Being prepared for these types of questions will help you stand out.

Drive to the location.

If you can, take a drive to the interview location ahead of your meeting. You can see what the commute will be like and how soon you need to leave your house to get to the interview on time. Be sure to account for potential traffic or construction, which could be different at different times of the day.

Plan your clothes.

You will also want to plan your interview outfit ahead of your meeting. In most cases, you’ll want to dress professionally. A suit or nice top and bottom set will be just fine for most cases. If the interviewer tells you to wear anything else, be sure you comply. Often, they’re seeing if you can follow directions.

Have resumes ready.

Before you arrive, print out extra copies of your resume and have them on hand. You never know who else you’re going to speak with while you’re meeting with the prospective employer. You want to be prepared to share your resume with anyone who might be talking with you.

Consider your confidence.

Finally, make sure that you project confidence when speaking with a potential employer. You want to pay attention to your communication skills as well as your body language. How you present yourself, and your attitude, will be a big factor in selling your skills to a hiring manager.

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