It’s the 21st Century: Here’s How to Start Recruiting More Male Nurses

Recruiting for diversity in your nursing staff is an important step to ensure that you are providing quality care and representation for everyone coming into your clinic or hospital. Nursing has long been considered a women-dominated field, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Plenty of experienced male nurses are on the job market, you just need to find them and hire them. Here are a few things you can do to attract and hire men for your nursing staff.

Bust the Myths About Caregiving

For a very long time, our culture viewed caregiving and the role of the nurse as a predominately feminine pursuit. Not only is that a dangerous stereotype based in antiquated gender roles, but it’s also simply untrue. Nurturing is not exclusive to women; men are just as capable and interested in caretaking.

For the men who want to participate in these jobs, they should be encouraged to embrace their nurturing side. Make sure you’re not gendering the roles as you hire for them to send the right message.

Target Education for Men Beginning or Changing Their Career

The best place to find men interested in a career in nursing is to target the educational opportunities that will draw young men and those interested in changing their career paths. Partner with a college or trade school to attract these men to your facility.

If you are there from the start and demonstrate that there are positions available with your organization, you’ll encourage these men to continue their education and work toward their career goals.

Create a Mentorship Program

Another way to encourage new male nurses to enter the field is to provide them with positive male nursing role models. Reach out to the already established male nurses in your community to bring them on board to your organization and help you with a diversified recruiting program.

They will provide positive reinforcement that this career path is right for other men entering the nursing profession. They can speak personally about the benefits of their career choice.

Have a Welcoming Workplace

Finally, make sure that you create a workplace that is welcoming to nurses from all backgrounds, including diverse genders. If a male nurse enters a workplace dominated by women who form a clique, it could be intimidating.

By instituting welcoming workplace policies, you encourage everyone to work together and collaborate for the good of one another and the patients receiving care.

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