Reasons You Should Be Encouraging Your Employees to Take Vacation

There’s a big problem in today’s working culture, especially in healthcare environments. No employees feel like they can take days off. They are either worried they’ll be viewed as replaceable and let go by their employers or they have concerns about leaving the control of their work in someone else’s hands. But neither of these mindsets are healthy and vacation time away from work is extremely important for everyone. Here are the reasons you should be encouraging your employees to take vacation.

Productivity Issues

It’s not uncommon for nursing staff to work long hours or continuous shifts for a period of time, but that means they could be susceptible to productivity issues. The same is true for all other healthcare positions but in varying ways. Without encouraging time off to recharge, you can see mistakes and problems with the work performed.

Preventing Burnout

No days off can also lead to professional burnout. It happens in healthcare all the time. Burnout out can be a major problem and when it affects your employees it can spread through your workplace like wildfire. Once it does that, you’ll have a hard time keeping everyone engaged and happy on the job. Vacation is one way to prevent burnout.

Healthy Employees

Vacation is also a time that can allow your employees to reconnect to their families, friends, and the things they enjoy doing. Good mental health is just as important as good physical health, and it’s been proven time and time again that vacation away from work can enhance your mental wellbeing. It may also get them active as they walk or hike or take on more adventures than they would at home.

Employment Costs

It sounds counterintuitive, but encouraging your employees to take vacations is good for your bottom line. Paid vacation is a benefit you offer, but when your employees take it you’re not paying their costs for the time away. That means over the course of one year, you can save a few thousand dollars per employee by encouraging them to take their vacation.

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