Registered Nurse ASN vs BSN

Before you decide about your nursing career, you’re going to come to a fork in the road. On one side is becoming a registered nurse with an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, and the other is to continue for a Bachelor’s Degree in nursing. The outcome seems the same. In both cases, you’ll be a registered nurse. So why not spend less time in school and more in your career? There are, of course, pros and cons to either path, so let’s take a closer look.

Fastest Route to a Nursing Career

There is something to be said for an ASN since a two-year program will get you out into the job market faster. Which, depending on your long-term goals, may be precisely what you need for your career. But even though it is a faster route, that doesn’t mean it’s the better route. There are a few things you might want to consider if you are still deciding.

Better Pay

The most significant difference between an ASN and a BSN is the access to better pay once graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. Hospitals, clinics, and other offices will pay more based on knowing that someone has completed a four-year degree, even for entry-level positions. The patience it takes to get a BSN may pay off in the long run.

More Knowledge

Ultimately, you will learn more in a four-year program than you have time to learn in a two-year run. This means you can potentially specialize or gain knowledge that will help you advance your career. While ultimately, you will have the same clinical preparation with an ASN, the most significant difference is the additional knowledge such as management prep, leadership, research, and other advanced roles.

Top Career Prospects

If you have any desire to get a masters of nursing, you’ll have to have the BSN under your belt first. Advancing your career could mean roles in administration or more specialized functions. It’s also a requirement for public health nursing or even a military career. You may have the same opportunities as an RN with an ASN, but they won’t have equal opportunities for advancement that you will.

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