How Quickly Can You Learn a New EHR System? It Could Be the Reason You Get the Nursing Job You Want

Electronic Health Records have become the professional default in medical environments. Unlike medical records of the past, which were dictated by doctors and then transcribed by transcription professionals, today’s medical records are recorded electronically at the time of each patient’s appointment. Not only does it make the process more efficient, but it also cuts down on potential issues with patient confidentiality. So learning a new EHR system when you start a new job will be one of the most important skills you can bring to a table. How quickly can you get up to speed

Be adaptable.

There are a lot of similar things between different EHR systems, so pull from the experience you already have to learn a new system once you start. If you’re able to adapt the skills you already possess, you’ll have a much shorter ramp-up time for the process. Don’t plant your heels and make bold statements like, “This is the way I did it before.” That won’t help you learn the new system nor will it create goodwill with your new coworkers or management team.

Learn mobile.

Another feature that is becoming increasingly more popular with EHR systems is access vi mobile or other smartdevice. While you may not use it on your own smartphone, the clinic or hospital may provide tablets that are more portable than laptops for their nurses to use in the EHR process. The quicker you can get up to speed with this, the better off you’ll be in a new environment.

Advanced features.

If you can, take some time to learn some of the advanced features. While it may take only a short period of time to learn the basics of most or all systems, all of them have additional functionality that may not be utilized regularly. But just because they aren’t being used often doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn how to do them. You can also become the go-to expert in the office for these functions on the EHR platform.

Sell your skills.

Of course, simply knowing how to adapt to a new EHR system isn’t enough to land you that job. You need to share your experience and adaptability with a hiring manager to ensure you’re considered for the position. Talk to them about how adaptable you are and how that played out in your last position. Tell a story about using a mobile device for recording on an EHR. Share with them about the advanced features you already know and your willingness to continue to dig deeper into the technology.

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