Understand What Drives the Salary Rate for Your Next Nursing Job

If you’re looking for your next nursing position, you’re probably wondering how you can earn more money. Some say working for a large healthcare system will bring in the increased salary, but that isn’t always the case. So, what is it that does drive the going rate for nursing professionals? Before you apply for your next nursing job, here are some of the things that you should take into account to determine where the salary is coming from.

Market-driven forces.

The number one thing that most nursing professionals don’t consider is the market forces that drive salaries. We often take for granted that nursing is an essential skill, but there are many more factors that will affect salary and quality of life while in the job. For example, most of the differences seem to be within a region rather than city by city. There will also be factors like cost of working rather than cost of living, such as parking or transportation.

Experience and speciality.

Years of experience, area of specialty and additional certifications also play a critical role in nursing salaries.  Nurses with multiple certifications under them such as a CCRN (critical care registered nurse) have met additional requirements and training caring for critically ill patients. Some nurses have been in their specialty for a few years and have the experience to back them, such as cardiology RN’s and neonatal nurses just to name a few. Tenured nurses like these with specialized experience can sometimes rake in a slightly higher salary.

The trend of single system.

What is becoming more apparent is that many hospitals are banding together to form a single system. This is even in the case in small towns where their facilities may partner with the larger hospitals in neighboring locations to ensure that everyone is getting the same formalized care. This could be an advantage for someone who wants to work with a bigger system but doesn’t want to live in a city.

Full scope of benefits.

Finally, when you’re looking for a new job as a nurse it’s important to take into account all of the financial aspects of the job. This means look beyond the scope of just the salary and consider the benefits and perks as well. What can an employer offer you? Also, the cost of living itself may factor into what a facility can pay their nursing staff, so be sure to ask enough questions to drill down to the right answers.

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