Texting – How Can It Be a Part of Your Healthcare Job Search?

Texting has become a ubiquitous part of our culture. Everyone seems to have a smartphone in hand and people across all generations are embracing texting over phone calls. But can texting be an important part of your healthcare job search? And, if it is effective, how can you make sure you’re using it to its best potential rather than just spinning your wheels? Texting is becoming more and more important in the employment sector, so let’s take a closer look at how to use the tool properly.

Discerning humans from AI.

Step one when you begin to use texting as a part of your job search is to try to understand when you’re communicating with a person or with artificial intelligence. Many companies are using bots to help them with the initial contact. It’s not a bad thing to provide your answers to a bot, but just know that it will be looking only for the facts before passing those on to a real recruiter.

Best ways to respond.

In this instance, be sure that you’re responding clearly and concisely. Provide short answers that give details about your healthcare background. For example, they may ask you about specific experience related to the job they’re sourcing for. Respond with just the information they’re requiring and allow their system to handle the rest.

Asking for text updates.

Once you’ve completed an in-person interview process, you can ask your recruiter or the hiring manager to use texts to update you with new information regarding their process or the specific job. For many job seekers, this is more valuable than a phone call, especially if they’re currently working elsewhere and would be unable to take a phone call.

Signing up for text services.

You can also sign up for texting to be alerted when new healthcare positions become available. You’ll get the listings for open jobs directly to your phone, which will usually give you access to a link to apply online. This can provide immediate access to new positions before they’re available for the general public.

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