What Do the Best Healthcare Recruiters Do?

When you’re deciding to work with a medical staffing company, how do you pick the right recruiter for the job? And how do you know they’re going to be placing the top candidates in your position? There are some key behaviors all successful recruiters share, so it’s great for hiring managers to know and understand how they operate. Here are some things that top recruiters do that will lead to hiring the best and brightest healthcare employees for your organization.

They rely on data.

A recruiter always has to spend part of their job being analytical. They don’t recruit based on feelings, they look at the data present and make a determination. When you’re working with a recruiter, see how they pull information to decide who is the best fit for your open positions. If they’re not able to present data, it may be a concern.

They use marketing.

If your recruiter is good at what they do, they also use marketing techniques to source the top local healthcare candidates. They will share important reasons why working for them, and for you, is the best career move the employee can make. Marketing is about creating interest and then following through with a positive experience.

They put the candidates first.

In terms of the candidate experience, what do most healthcare workers want in an employer? A recruiter will focus on the candidates’ needs when placing them with a facility. Placing the wrong candidate in the wrong role doesn’t serve anyone, so it’s important they put the employee first when making a placement.

They love employee referrals.

You should talk to your recruiter about how they source candidates and specifically about referrals. Recruiters understand that good people refer good people. They will often accept referrals for open positions or to help find them the right positions after they apply. This won’t be their only source for qualified candidates, but they will often make a priority for individuals referred by their current pool of employees.

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