Items to Give Your New Nurse That They Aren’t Thinking Of

As we’re deep into the season of giving, it’s sometimes hard to know what to get the person who has everything. But what about gifts for your new nursing staff to show them your appreciation. There are the typical gifts like coffee mugs or gift certificates, but maybe something unexpected is just what the doctor ordered. Here are four times you can give your new nurse that they might not expect to get this holiday season

Notebook and Pen

It may not sound like an essential tool for a nurse, but trust us when we say it will become invaluable. Nurses need to be responsible for a lot of things, so many will write down information and keep it close at hand so they can double check. A small notebook with a small pen will be great for them to keep in their pocket as they work.

Branded nursing bag.

Your nurses will also need to carry a lot of personal items with them to and from work. Why not make this easier with a bag and give them a sense of ownership when you brand that bag with your clinic or hospital logo? Choose a stylish bag either a traditional over the shoulder style or even a backpack and have your logo embossed or embroidered for your team.

Bandage Scissors

Of course, practical gifts are always welcome too. Bandage scissors become an indispensable tool for nurses who have to cut medical tape, wrappings, and other sundry things throughout the day. Finding a good, reliable pair of bandage scissors will be a great way to show your appreciation.

Medical Tape

On the same note, medical tape is also a handy thing to have in your pocket at all times. Nurses will use medical tape for a lot of things, and often when they least expect it. Like taping IV lines or bandages quickly. They will go through a lot in the course of a few days, so it’s always good to have backups.

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