Losing Your Best Nurses? Here’s What to Do

Nursing is a high stress job, so it’s no wonder there tends to be high turnover in the role. But it’s important for your department, facility, clinic, or hospital to have some sense of consistency with your care providers. If you’re losing your best nurses, here are some things you can do to stop the hemorrhaging and focus on retention. It starts with your hiring process and continues throughout your organization. Let’s take a closer look.

Hire Right the First Time

Believe it or not, retention starts with the hiring process. You can’t retain nurses if you’re not able to hire qualified employees. Your hiring process should be thorough but easy to navigate. Vet your candidates properly to ensure they’re qualified for the job. And be sure to establish a great onboarding program to give each new team member the best impression of your organization.

Have a Positive Workplace Culture

Retention is also influenced heavily by your overall environment. If you don’t have a place where people want to come to work, then they aren’t likely to remain engaged on the job. How can you improve your workplace culture? Make sure you have a comfortable environment, policies against bullying behavior, and hire for shared values.

Provide Career Advancement Opportunities

When nurses start to feel stagnant in their job, they begin to get restless and want to look at other places for new opportunities. Don’t let them go. Instead, make sure they have advancement opportunities available to them right in your workplace.

Offer Some Schedule Flexibility

Everyone knows that nursing schedules are long and difficult. They can work crazy hours and rarely get a break. But it’s important that you focus on work/life balance to attract and retain top nurses. Try to figure out a flexible schedule system that gives you the hours you need to provide quality care and still let’s your team know you understand their needs.

Create Recognition and Reward Programs

Gratitude may be the cornerstone of retention. As management, it’s up to you to create a recognition and rewards program that celebrates milestones and achievements. And don’t forget to just say thank you to your nurses every day. You’ll find that gratitude goes a long way and is even reciprocal.

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