What Are the Benefits of Working at an Ambulatory Surgery Center as a Registered Nurse?

As a registered nurse, you have a nearly infinite number of jobs available to you. Are you considering work at an ambulatory surgery center? Are there benefits to working in this environment? Like with any career decision, you need to do your own research to help you decide if the workplace is right for you. Here are some thoughts to get you started.

Regular 8-hour Shifts

Unlike a lot of hospital environments, an ambulatory surgery center generally works standard business hours. In this role, you’ll have an 8-hour shift more consistent with friends and family who work in an office or other professional environments. This can help you have a better sense of normalcy in your day-to-day schedule.

Weekends Off

For the same reason, working at an ambulatory surgery center means that the center is closed on weekends. You won’t have to worry about working at hours that other people are generally home. Anyone who has worked in a hospital or weekend clinic environment knows how working weekends can affect lifestyle.

Pre-Op Experience

Working in a surgery center, you’ll also have access to the full-cycle patient experience, especially pre-op. In fact, in these situations, the pre-op experience may be the single most crucial aspect for most patients. They want an understanding intake nurse and nursing staff that helps ease their tension before their procedure.

Post Op/ PACU Care

At the same time, you will also gain experience with post-op care. As patients come out of surgery, they require additional care and monitoring to ensure they safely awake from anesthesia. Being the compassionate caregiver in these situations, for both the patient and their family, will help their recovery process.

OR Circulator

Another area where you will gain experience working in an ambulatory surgery center environment is as an operating room circulator.  An OR circulator works with the anesthesiologists and the surgeon to ensure that every step is taken and essential quality care is provided.


Do you think working in an ambulatory surgery center is right for you?

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