Is Your Practice Really HIPAA Compliant?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, remains one of the top priorities and governing regulations for healthcare practices in the U.S. With the advent of online record keeping, patient privacy is far more critical today than at any time in the past. But is your practice really HIPAA compliant? Here is how to make sure you’re following all HIPAA regulations, especially online.

Start with a Security Risk Analysis

The only way to understand your compliance is by taking a look at where you are today. Begin with a complete security risk analysis, preferably with an independent investigator. They can do a comprehensive audit of your systems and processes to see where the weak points are so you can focus on making the right improvements.

Ensure Compliance Through Education

Because HIPAA is federally mandated, you should focus on training right from the start. Every new employee should be trained thoroughly on HIPAA compliance. And training should be reinforced through education frequently, especially if there are changes to any regulations. Have regular continuing education events to ensure consistent compliance.

Control the Message on Social Media

Where a lot of people end up getting into trouble is through social media. For example, a floor nurse takes a selfie of them on the job. It seems innocent enough, and they post it only to their friends and family. But what if a patient’s face is in the photograph and it is discovered. This could be a violation of HIPAA. It’s essential to control your message on social media. You should also encourage your team to avoid social media on the job or, at least, be aware of how their participation could negatively affect others.

Encourage the Use of a Patient Portal

One way you can ensure HIPAA compliance is to provide your patients with the ability to input their information in your computer system. Most practices accomplish this by creating a patient portal that allows patients to add information to their profiles as well as ask questions online and even book appointments or fill prescriptions.

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