A Day in the Life of a Certified Medical Assistant

We’ve previously written about certified medical assistants and what they do, how they fit into a medical environment and how to become a CMA. But what else do you need to know before pursuing a career as a certified medical assistant? What will you expect in a “day in the life”? Here is a breakdown of some of the daily duties of a CMA that can help you made the right decision for your career.

Patient Assessment

As the first person a patient sees in the office, a CMA is responsible for the initial patient assessment. They will check the vital signs, perform a basic physical exam, and talk to the patient about their medical history, as well as updating that information for existing patients. Vital signs will include blood pressure, pulse, breathing rate, and temperature. They may also make additional notes about any specific concerns for the doctor.

Patient Care

There are some aspects of patient care that a certified medical assistant will also provide. This may include assistance with mobility and removing clothing on affected areas. They may also be able to administer injections or vaccinations and some medications. They will often assist with in-office procedures such as surgical procedures and wound care.

Patient Preparation

A CMA will also be responsible for preparing the patient, both physically and mentally, for any additional procedures or tests. This could include things such as removing bandages blood drawls. They will also share with the patient what to expect, record information, and collect the data for the doctor to review.

Administrative Work

A CMA will also be in charge of some clerical or administrative work in the office. Most importantly, compiling and filing patient reports and ensuring that the most important and pertinent information is accurate for the doctor to review. A medical assistant may also schedule patient appointments, ensure that cancellations are recorded, and file claims with insurance companies.

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