Happy Nurses Week! International Nurses Day and Nursing Around the World

Today, more than ever before, it’s imperative that nurses are appreciated. Nurses are finding themselves on the front lines of a massive global pandemic, and it can take a serious toll on their own health, safety, and mental wellbeing. When the theme of the 2020 International Nurses Day was chosen, Nursing the World to Health, we may not have had any idea how important those words would be. Nurses are essential, in more ways than one. Here are the key ways nurses address health challenges today.

Essential to the Delivery of Healthcare

Now more than ever, nurses and other medical professionals are being called essential. But they’ve been essential all along. Nurses are often the first impression patients have of the healthcare system. Nurses also provide care coordination which ensures that each patient’s experience is consistent between shifts and throughout their treatment.

Nurses Make an Invaluable Contribution

It’s impossible to measure the impact nurses have on the care of patients and their family members. Nurses handle so many different aspects of care that no one can place a single value on any one thing. Nurses provide patient interaction and direct care, but they also coordinate care with doctors, talk to family, and take care of necessary administrative functions.

Involvement in Health Policy

We often imagine that policies come from the top down of any structured organization. But in healthcare, it’s the nurses on the front lines that provide valuable data to policymakers. Nurses are also active in the healthcare community, ensuring that policy impacts quality of life and universal access to care. In that way, nurses are committed to their communities and motivated to make positive changes.

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