A Skills-Based Resume? Does It Work in Healthcare?

Writing a resume is an art as well as a science. Many job seekers go with the tried-and-true chronological resume, which simply lists your jobs starting with the most recent. It may also include bullets regarding duties or accomplishments. Another type of resume is quickly picking up steam and may be perfect for someone seeking a job in healthcare. A skills-based resume, often referred to as a functional resume, spends more time focused on what you bring to the table. Here’s a closer look.

What is a skills-based resume?

Rather than simply listing jobs in chronological order, a skills-based resume will be centered on the skills you have that apply to the job. More importantly, these skills need to be showcased in a way that allows you to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you’re the best person for this role.

How to highlight accomplishments.

The primary focus of a skills-based resume should be your accomplishments. This is the best way to highlight your skills and experience while putting together a narrative to sell yourself for the job. For example, think about times you went above and beyond on the job. Or show how you saved money and resources by figuring out a more efficient way to handle a task. Talk about how you work well with others in a team and give specific examples.

How to add staffing jobs.

If you’ve worked for healthcare staffing agencies, especially for several at a time, you might be concerned about how to add these to a skills-based resume. The truth is, it may be easier than chronological in this case. Rather than listing every temporary job and all the duties, you can create a list of examples of accomplishments from your assignments as a group and simply list the companies in a separate section. You should indicate that they were short-term jobs through the healthcare staffing agencies, however, so you don’t appear to be a job hopper.

How to include travel assignments.

If you’re looking to continue with travel nursing, make sure you focus on your adaptability and flexibility to demonstrate interest in further travel positions. If you want to transition to a more traditional healthcare role, you can take the accomplishments from these assignments and frame them in a way that will focus on your stability and career growth.

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