What Helps Develop Your Next Generation of Nurse Leaders?

Want to help develop nurse leaders for the next generation?

Encourage them to increase their skill set

A future nurse leader should be willing to take some risks by leaving their comfort zone to learn new skills.  One way to gain new skills is by volunteering to float to another unit in order to gain new experiences and increase your marketability. The more experience a nurse has working in different units opens up more advancement opportunities. Also it is good to invest in courses to continue to learn and stay abreast of advancements in healthcare.

Encourage preceptor programs

Encourage preceptor programs in facilities. Nurses, especially new ones like the idea of training side by side with experienced mentors. It also motivates them to be next in line as a preceptor  one day. Assigning a mentor/ preceptor to a nurse can help a nurse navigate their career path and gain valuable best practices within their organization. Mentors are also willing to share their leadership best practices in order to help others succeed.

Emphasize teamwork

A nurse chooses their vocation because they want to help others. This is a great quality for a leader to have, so naturally nurses are typically a great fit for leadership. The best leaders will not ask anyone to do something that they would not do themselves. Great leaders generally do whatever they can to assist their employees and are available to help out when needed. Leaders should create a positive work environment and mix in some fun stuff!

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