Certification Guide for Medical Assistants

Are you thinking about a career change in 2019? Maybe you’re looking at the possibility of becoming a certified medical assistant? What do you need to know before you can start the process of applying for jobs in this arena? A medical assistant generally works in a private doctor office setting and assists the physician day to day. In many cases, this role is the first person patients see when they enter the office. In Texas, there are some specific requirements the certification to become a medical assistant. To get started, here is a short guide.

Daily Responsibilities

Day to day, a medical assistant can be responsible for administrative and clinical tasks. They’ll generally report to the physician or, depending on the size of the practice, an office manager or head nurse. Keep in mind that medical assistants aren’t physician assistants and cannot perform examinations, make a diagnosis, or treat patients. Instead, they’ll record patient histories, take vital signs, explain procedures, and prepare patients for their exams. There are also a variety of specializations if you choose that route.

The American Association of Medical Assistants

To get a certification as a medical assistant, you’ll need to take the certified medical assistant exam through the American Association of Medical Assistants, or AAMA. The website for the CMA exam features easy to follow steps to help you set up the process and apply to take the test. It also provides resources to help you study.

Take the Certification Test

After you’ve applied and paid the fee, the AAMA will notify you within 30 days of your eligibility status. You will then be able to schedule a time to take the test at an approved facility in your area, a list of which will be provided to you. Once you pass, you will be given a certification and be required to re-certify every two years.

General Salary Expectations in Dallas

According to Salary.com, the current median salary for a medical assistant in the Dallas area is almost $34,500 annually. Of course, this number will depend on the size of the practice, the exact location of the position, and the added benefits provided by the employer.

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