Why AI Might be a Good Tool for Recruiting Passive Candidates

If you have a home assistant, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, you’re already familiar with AI. Artificial intelligence performs tasks that were once only handled by humans, like decision making. Today, companies all over are assisted by AI for their recruiting processes. Can organizations in the medical industry use AI to find qualified passive candidates for their open positions? Here are a few ways AI can help you hire top healthcare talent.

What is a Passive Candidate?

To start, what is a passive candidate and why do you want to target them? Passive candidates are individuals currently working and not actively seeking a new job. In healthcare, when you’re hiring for top talent, you may not find who you’re looking for in the active candidate pool. There may be specific skills and experience that are necessary to fill the role.

Since passive candidates aren’t looking, it’s harder to find them. In the past, this was a massive effort that took recruiters and HR managers away from their other necessary work.

Posting by Algorithms

This is where artificial intelligence can come in. There are several systems available that do this through what’s known as programmatic recruiting. It uses algorithms to remove human error and guessing out of the equation to determine where to post information so passive candidates are more likely to see it.

It can also predict, based on the individual’s internet behavior, what types of online content they’re likely to engage with, click on, and respond to. Once you receive this data, you are able to make the first contact.

Targeting Social Media

As an organization, you know that referrals and networking are major sources for finding top talent. But you also know that passive candidates, by nature, aren’t going to be engaging with the types of resources that are typical in recruiting. That means you have to find them where they already are.

The statistics are astounding with an estimated 90% of younger candidates online every day, mostly utilizing social media. They’re not networking or visiting traditional online job boards, so getting your message out to them via social media is crucial. AI can place ads that target candidates based on your established criteria and funnel them to your systems.

Real-Time Adjustments

What might be more impressive is the instant gratification of using AI for recruiting. Your AI solutions will demonstrate the results for you in real-time allowing you, or the AI itself, to make adjustments in your targeting algorithms immediately.

Data collection like this would have taken months in many cases if handled by individuals. With the automated process led by AI and supported by Big Data, you can have results in minutes

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