Tips for Surviving the Night Shift

If you’ve never worked a night shift before, the complete change in mindset can be maddening. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of tried and true techniques for surviving the night shift. And there are a lot of benefits to working alternative hours, often including higher pay. If you think this is the best route for your career, here are some tips for surviving the night shift.

Get Enough Sleep

It may sound overly simple, but getting enough sleep is the foundation for a productive night shift. The problem is, you have to completely change the way your brain is wired to be able to get any sort of restful sleep during the day. First, make your bedroom as dark as possible. Then turn down the heat so the room is cool. Make sure no one disturbs you while you’re trying to sleep.

Caffeinate Wisely

Coffee isn’t necessarily the enemy, but only if you use it sparingly. Relying on cups of coffee throughout the night isn’t healthy. But having a coffee to start out your night will be just fine. Also, avoid any of the sugary caffeinated energy drinks. They will give you a boost of energy, but they will also make you crash hard.

Eat Healthy

Focus on eating healthy foods to give you the right energy throughout the night. Focusing on healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables will give you more energy than any caffeinated beverage. Keep healthy snacks on hand so you’re not tempted to buy sugary or salty foods out of the vending machine when hunger hits.

Connect with Coworkers

Remember, you’re not doing this alone. Your nightshift coworkers are also trying to adjust one night at a time. Connect with them, share your ideas, and support one another. For example, you may be able to take breaks in small groups to move around or eat a healthy meal.


Lastly, make sure you’re getting enough exercise. Moving releases good hormones that keep you happy and healthy, which will be imperative when switching to a night shift. It may seem like you’re way too busy to exercise, but even giving yourself 15 minutes after you wake up and taking short 5-minute exercise breaks throughout the night can help.

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