Protecting Nurses (and Patients) When Lifting

Did you know that the most significant risk to your nursing staff is back injury? While there are plenty of hazards in an average nursing job, a back injury has become the most prevalent due to the physical nature of the job. Most commonly, this is caused by lifting patients through the course of their care. And while a single lift can cause extreme injury, most back injuries are caused by repetitive strain. By protecting your nursing staff, you’re also protecting the patients. What can you do to make this process easier and safer for nurses?

Train Nurses How to Lift Correctly

Body mechanics is the science of how our bodies move using our muscles and joints correctly. There are different requirements for lifting static objects, like large boxes, over moving people. You must teach your nurses and their support staff to lift correctly and to lift in teams. You should also provide safety gear like back braces to help.

Encourage Physical Fitness

The more in-shape your nursing staff is, the better their bodies will be at handling the heavy lifting on the job. For lower back strength, focusing on core exercises will help improve the muscles used most in lifting. It can be hard to find time to exercise in our busy lives but give your team whatever tools and encouragement they need.

Make Shoes a Consideration

Sometimes, the cause of back pain is something as simple as the shoes someone is wearing. The wrong shoes can cause undue pressure and impact back health over time. Encourage your team to look into the shoes they’re wearing and get ones that are best for their particular needs. Many stores will offer an analysis to help make shopping easier.

Take Pain Seriously

Of course, if your nurses are experiencing pain, be sure to take that seriously. There are significant problems and causes for concern when people aren’t given the care and attention they need, especially in an already high-stress job. It’s easy to notice when it’s a severe injury, but long-term pain is harder to spot, so keep an eye out.

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