Why PRN Shifts are a Good Idea to Earn Extra Cash, Especially Around the Holidays

Have you considered taking PRN shifts in your nursing or radiology technician position? PRN stands in for the Latin term “pro re nata” which, in general, translates to “as needed.” As you know, the medical industry always needs professionals, especially in high demand roles for nurses and techs, so picking up a few PRN shifts could be a great idea to earn extra cash, especially with the holidays coming up. What do you need to know about PRN and how it can fit into your career.

Consider the Effect on Your Job

Sure, working another shift to pick up extra money is great, but how will it affect your current job? Are you able to pay attention at work? Will you become distracted? Will it impact your sleep cycles or ability to rest and recover between long and demanding shifts? If the PRN shift negatively affects your current job, the extra money may not be worth it.

Think About Your Family

The same is true for your family life. Nursing and Radiology Tech positions are difficult. They’re stressful and take a lot of time away from your personal life. Now you’re suggesting taking more time apart. Do you have small children who will be affected? A relationship? Will you not see your friends for weeks at a time? Social interaction is as important as money, if not more.

You’ll Gain Great Experience

However, as with all decisions, there is a flip side to it as well. There are a lot of great reasons to consider a PRN position, including the experience that you’ll get. You’ll be working in a different environment and learning new things, which is not bad for your resume or your long-term career development.

You’ll Make Connections

You will also have an opportunity to meet more people and make more connections in your community than you did at your primary job. Short term positions like this allow you to meet doctors, administrators, and other medical professionals who can become a part of your extended network.

Are you looking for PRN positions this holiday season?

Contact the team at CornerStone Medical Staffing to see how we can help.  We are looking for talented healthcare individuals like you for PRN shifts this holiday season.



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