Unique Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Are you trained as a nurse practitioner and wondering what’s next for your career? There’s good news. You don’t just have to follow one prescribed career path when you’re an NP. There are dozens of unique jobs that nurse practitioners can consider. If you want to think creatively about your next job search, here are a handful of ways you can use your NP degree.

Travel Nursing

Do you have flexibility in your life? Do you want to experience new places and get new experiences at this stage of your career? Travel nursing is in-demand all across the country, and even the world. And a Nurse Practitioner can have a lucrative career while traveling. Travel nursing positions tend to have higher pay than their stationary counterparts, and travel and living expenses are usually provided.


While telemedicine was already on the rise, it had to become the new normal overnight as the country shut down due to the COVID-19 crisis. As the pandemic started to sweep the nation, non-critical medical care needed to be taken out of doctor’s offices and medical centers to prevent the spread of the virus. And telemedicine is here to stay. Even as people begin to return to normal life, there will be a need to offer at-home care for vulnerable populations or those who don’t have access to a medical office.

Continuing Education Writer

Maybe you no longer want to work in a clinical environment. There are plenty of opportunities outside of medical practices for professionals with the expertise of a nurse practitioner. As you know, continuing education is a big part of being a nurse practitioner, as well as any other medical career. And continuing ed courses need experts to write for them. If you like to write, you can use your skills that way.


There are plenty of other industries that need experts to consult with them. Continuing education, tech-startups in the medical field, and legal teams may all have needs for people who bring nurse practitioner skills and experience to the table. You can work privately or even be hired directly by an organization, such as an insurance company, to provide your expertise.

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