Best Specialties for Your Travel Nursing Career

Have you been thinking about a career as a travel nurse? There are so many potential roles you can take on when you’re willing to travel to accept jobs around the country. There are plenty of jobs in demand, but some specializations are more highly sought after than others. What are the best opportunities in travel nursing that can give you more flexibility and growth in your career starting today?

Intensive Care Unit

ICU nurses were always in demand, but with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, hospitals all over the country are in desperate need of trained ICU staff. Travel nursing is a great way for facilities to get the expertise they need and for you to pitch in and help out.

Operation Room

Nurses skilled in surgical assistance are also essential for many communities and hospitals often look toward travel nursing programs to bring in the very best. If you want to travel, gaining experience with an OR can give you the necessary skills for your career advancement.

Labor and Delivery

If you love working with families welcoming a new baby into their lives, labor and delivery nursing is very rewarding. You will be there for the highs and lows, and your experience will help bring a sense of reassurance to everyone involved.

Progressive Care Unit

Progressive Care Units are also known as Step-down Units. They are used for patients who still need monitoring but their condition is stable enough to leave the ICU. Progressive Care Nurses provide continual care, generally onsite, to monitor vital signs and detect any changes.


Some PCUs are run using telemetry nurses. In these cases, the patients are still those who no longer need the ICU but have to be monitored for changes. However, the telemetry nurse will monitor the patient off-site through the use of technology.


Kidney dialysis will always be in high demand. This is a very specialized skill and clinics around the country are always looking for skilled nurses. Travel nursing for dialysis is a good way to have stable employment anywhere in the country and experience life in another place.

What kind of travel nursing job are you looking for?

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