The Pros and Cons of a Traveling Surgical Technologist Career

A travel career for a medical professional can be a very rewarding experience. There are a lot of discussions about travel nurses, but there are other specializations that do very well with traveling opportunities. One such career is a traveling surgical technologist. If you’re a certified surgical technologist, what are the pros and cons of a traveling career?


There are many things to consider for your surgical technologist careers. If you are thinking about traveling, think about these benefits.

Have Access to More Opportunities

Surgical technology is a growing field so that specialization can open entirely new doors for your career. If you add travel to that, opportunities start to become exponential. If you don’t limit yourself to jobs near where you currently live, you’ll be able to find amazing opportunities all around the US.

Make More Money

Travel positions in the healthcare industry typically pay more than their stationary counterparts. This is because the jobs are generally an answer to a staff shortage and facilities need to work fast to find someone. They’ll turn to staffing agencies and are willing to pay higher salaries to attract top candidates.

Travel and Free Housing

Of course, you can’t make a pros list for travel surgical technologist jobs without addressing the biggest perk of all. If you love to travel, this is the perfect way to do it and get paid. You can experience life in another city or town and have your housing paid for at the same time.


Of course, you do have to consider the other side of the coin, too. Let’s take a look at some of the cons you’ll need to work through.

Applying for New Licenses

As with any new job, there is always paperwork. And if you need a new license to work in a new state, that’s a bit of a hassle. But if you work with the right staffing partner to place you on the job, they can help you with this process.

Adjusting to Changes

There are a lot of things in flux in terms of travel healthcare jobs. One will be the pay rate. Each new assignment may pay a different amount, so you have to prepare your finances. You will also need to be able and willing to adjust to working with a new team and their processes and procedures with each placement.

Being Away from Friends and Family

Homesickness is real, and there aren’t a lot of easy fixes. If you’re feeling distant from friends and family back home, the best thing you can do is stay connected online through social media or with video conference tools.

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