Putting a Mentoring Program in Place for New Nurses

Whenever you’re onboarding new nurses on your team, you need to consider all the possible factors that will help them be successful. Has your office or department considered a mentoring program? These programs are highly successful and can give new nurses access to the knowledge and experience of their teammates. Here are a few reasons you should put together a mentorship program for your new nurses.

What is a Mentorship Program?

A mentorship program is a system in your workplace that pairs seasoned, experienced employees with new staff members to help with their onboarding, training, and continued growth and development. A mentorship program ensures that the knowledge your nurses bring to the table doesn’t get lost when nurses leave or retire.

Providing Guidance for the First Year

One way to formalize the process is to create a mentorship program for the first year. A new nurse would be teamed up with another nurse on staff or a team of nurses who can take the lead on their training and orientation. Throughout their first year, their nurse mentor would be their first contact with any questions or concerns.

Nurse Empowerment

A mentorship program empowers nurses. It gives your experiences staff a reason to share their knowledge and your incoming nurses a better feel for the overall culture of your office or department. While management will be involved, it also allows your nursing staff to retain autonomy and make decisions on their own.

Increased Patient Outcomes

Studies have shown that when nurses team up, patient outcomes are better. Patients can be concerned at the change of shift or when they see multiple nurses throughout the day. If they know that their team of nurses is working together, it can give them a sense of consistency.

Career Satisfaction and Advancement

A nurse mentor program can follow your nurses throughout their careers. People who come into your office or department and graduate the mentorship program can go on to mentor incoming nurses in the future. This passing of the torch will become an essential part of their career advancement.

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