What’s The New Normal for Job Seekers?

Has your job search been affected by COVID-19? Many people imagine that the medical industry is unaffected, that’s simply not true. Healthcare positions encompass a lot of possible jobs and even hospitals and medical groups are experiencing layoffs at this time. We are entering a new normal for job seekers. How will this shift impact your search for a new healthcare position?

Unemployment Benefits

Workers displaced due to COVID-19 were able to apply for extended unemployment benefits through the CARES Act passed earlier this year. While the additional federal benefits have ended, many states extended unemployment. If you have been collecting unemployment, you may be hesitant to start your new job search right away. But now is the time to begin looking.

Online Interviewing Process

One of the biggest shocks to the system in this new normal is the way interviewing has changed. Even if organizations are working on-site, they may be conducting interviews remotely. The use of online video conference services has skyrocketed in recent months, so employers are taking advantage of the familiarity with this technology.

Virtual Onboarding

Similarly, many companies are looking at virtual onboarding processes. Rather than have you come into the office to complete new hire paperwork, you can read through and complete these forms online. E-signature services are being used for everything from lease agreements to mortgage applications, and employment can also benefit.

The Future of Jobs

Some careers may transition to fully remote over the next few years. While the healthcare industry will need to remain largely hands-on, some back-office jobs won’t need to be housed in offices or hospitals. But for jobs that will be on-site, the use of new technology will continue to grow and professionals who embrace it will have an advantage.

Contact a Staffing Agency

If you’re looking for your next medical opportunity, the best first step is to connect with a staffing agency specializing in healthcare placements. They have built-in networks and are always working with their clients to place qualified individuals in high-demand jobs locally and around the country.

Are you ready to navigate your new job search?

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