The Many Benefits of Adding Online Scheduling to Your Practice

Did you know that adding a feature as simple as online appointment scheduling can increase patient satisfaction? If you’re not using online scheduling, there are some benefits you should know about using this technology. With the world changing rapidly due to COVID-19 along with the hyper-connected reality of our modern age, online scheduling is going to be what makes the difference in the success of moving forward. Here’s what you need to know.

More New Patients

Whatever your personal feelings are about it, people are less inclined to want to make a phone call in today’s world. Patients may feel embarrassed to discuss something over the phone or just want the ease of use that comes with a website interface. In any case, these new patients are specifically looking for practices that offer online scheduling, and if you don’t embrace it, you may miss out.

Fewer Open Appointments

When you use online scheduling, you don’t have to manually handle the process, which means fewer open appointment slots. You can fill in any empty slots with same-day appointments or even last-minute scheduling. Patients have more satisfaction that they can get problems addressed quickly. You also gain that potentially lost revenue.

24-Hour Access

This also means that patients can schedule appointments at any time. They won’t miss an opportunity or forget because they don’t have to wait until your clinic or practice is open. They can check the availability whenever it’s convenient for them, even in the middle of the night, and book the appointment immediately, which will increase their overall patient experience.

Information Management

You’ve always known that information management has been essential to your medical practice. The good news is that technology that allows online scheduling also has a lot of other benefits. Once they set up an account with your practice, a complete patient portal will be a repository for their medical records as well, making information management a breeze and compliant with current regulations.

Easier Payment Systems

Other things can be integrated with the scheduling system, including payment processing. Your patients want everything about their appointment to be as simple as possible. Being able to pay co-pays or other fees ahead of the appointment will help them feel the entire experience is more user friendly.

Less Administrative Work

All of this means less administrative work for you and your staff. Instead of having your team focus on making and following up on appointments, they can handle other essential tasks. That means your associates can work on customer service and other crucial processes of keeping your office running smoothly.

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