Best Practices for Integrating Telehealth/Telemedicine into Your Facility

Telehealth was already experiencing growth as an industry. But with the spread of the novel coronavirus, we’re seeing a lot more clinics and practices offering telehealth services. If you want to integrate telehealth into your facility, what are the best practices? Let’s take a closer look at the important aspects for you to consider.

Have a Plan

Before you start offering the services, make sure you know your goals, and have a plan in place. You should look into the options for telehealth available through you as well as how your billing process would work with the insurance companies you work with most often.

Talk to Your Patients

Get patient input. Telehealth should, at its core, be more convenient for your patients. Gauge what the majority of your patients want out of a telehealth program before implementing it in your practice. At the same time, talk with your team to make sure you can meet the needs of the community.

Understand the Regulations

It’s also essential to review the regulations for telehealth in your area. There may be specific rules and regulations where you are that will limit or regulate the kinds of services you can provide, to whom, and exactly how. Talk to experts in telehealth before setting up a program.

Choose Your Software

There are multiple options for telehealth software. They will integrate the video chatting along with other aspects of your practice, including medical records and billing. It’s okay to look at a few options before deciding which service will best suit you and your client base.

Integrate Scheduling

One of the biggest requests doctor’s offices see from patients in terms of telehealth is an integrated scheduling process. They want everything to be as easy as one click, so make sure they can schedule their appointments from the same service they use to access telehealth services.

Set up a Dedicated Office

In your practice, be sure that you have a space dedicated for telehealth appointments. The rules of privacy apply, of course, but it’s also useful to have a dedicated space where the practitioner will not be interrupted while talking with the patient.

Perform Trial Runs

It’s also helpful to try it out before the service goes live. This gives you a chance to work out any kinks before offering telemedicine services to your patients. You can test run with someone in your office while they’re home to get a feel for how it works and offer live training opportunities for your staff.

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