Conquering the Challenges of Healthcare Staffing In the Face of a Pandemic

Numerous positions in healthcare have been in high demand and faced shortages over the last several years. A global pandemic has impacted this industry even more so making hiring healthcare employees a bigger challenge right now. And in many cases, the demand for medical staff has increased significantly. So how do you combat the challenges of finding qualified workers in this climate? It’s maybe easier than you think.

Healthcare Recruiters

Partnering with an agency that specializes in healthcare placements is a good first step. Why? Because healthcare recruiters are trained to understand the industry and help hiring managers find the right talent with the right skillset for any specialty needed. Healthcare recruiters have a leg up in the healthcare hiring sector and can dig deep and find talent even in times of crisis, such as a pandemic.

Customized Solutions

A healthcare staffing agency will also be able to work with you to provide multiple staffing options to meet your specific needs. You can fill an immediate need with temporary coverage or test out an employee before making an offer going the contract to hire route. Direct hire options are also great solutions for a perfectly matched professional in any role.

Travel Nurse Staffing

In some cases, the best solution to a staffing shortage is a travel nurse contract. A healthcare placement agency like CornerStone Medical offers travel nurses as well as other medical staff professional. The entire process is facilitated by one of our industry experts who will ensure the nurse is fully vetted and compliant with the necessary regulations required in your area.

Contract to Hire Options

As we mentioned, another great solution for many clients, is contract-to-hire option. Here you will be matched with a qualified candidate who is comfortable working on a trial basis. This gives both you and the healthcare professional a chance to see one another in action and determine if this is the best fit for long term employment. You call the shots and can make that offer.

Direct Hire Placements

You may also have positions on a more permanent need, but the time and effort it takes to find and prescreen candidates will eat into your productive workday. Leave that to the experts. At CornerStone Medical, that’s what our recruiters do. They’re trained to prescreen and vet potential candidates before presenting them to you for consideration. All you do is the interview and make an offer to your top candidate.

Do You Heed Help Staffing for Healthcare Positions in Dallas?

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