Packing Hacks for Travel Nurses

Travel nursing is a rewarding career path. You use your skills to help facilities all across the country while you also have an opportunity to live in various places. You have everything you need with your expenses paid while making a good living. But there are some challenges throughout the process. Living all over the country also means frequently packing and moving, so the best thing you can do is create procedures to help keep it simple. Here are some packing hacks for travel nurses that can make your life easier.

Plan for What You Need

For most travel nurses, embracing a minimalist lifestyle will help you keep your packing more organized. But minimal doesn’t mean you only bring one shirt and one pair of shoes. You can bring all of the things you will need for the duration of the time you’re in the new city, but you should plan to ensure you’re not packing a lot of extras. Consider how long you’ll be gone, what your housing already has, and what you might need with you.

Label and Reuse Boxes

One hack many travel nurses use is to keep and reuse packing boxes. When you unpack a cardboard box in your new location, break it down and store it in the back of a closet or under a bed. Keep all of your boxes like this, and it will be easy to set them back up again when you’re ready to move.

Tidy Up

A place for everything and everything in its place. This is a critical mantra for anyone who is living somewhere temporarily. Things can become overwhelming if they’re never in the right place. If you keep your temporary living situation as organized as possible, you will feel a greater sense of calm every day when you come home and when you begin packing up again.

Group Like Items

Another quick tip is to group like items. If it is used in the kitchen, keep it in the kitchen. If it’s used in the bathroom, keep it in the bathroom. You can even organize this way on a micro-scale. If you love nail polish, keep all of your nail polish, remover, files, and more in a single container, so it’s easy to access when you use it and when you need to move it.

Does travel nursing sound like a great fit for your career?

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