The Value of an Exit Interview

Do you do exit interviews for your healthcare staff? When an employee gives notice, what’s your next step. Maybe they train a replacement, or you might have a party to celebrate them. You might have them turn in their badge and pick up their last paycheck. Organizations like yours may have a variety of policies in place when an employee quits. But do you conduct an exit interview? It takes time, but it can provide you with a ton of valuable information for the future. If you want to know the value of an exit interview, here are some things to consider.

Reason for Leaving

Employees leave for a variety of reasons. They could simply be moving on to a different phase of their life. But you want to know if there are bigger concerns such as career dissatisfaction, lack of growth opportunities, or issues with coworkers or management. Gathering this information can help you map out patterns to determine if there are positive changes you need to make to prevent more turnover.

Employee Morale

Exit interviews also give you some insight on overall employee morale. There might be things your team isn’t telling you behind the scenes, but your exiting employee will have no problem sharing these details. Knowing what’s happening will be the first step to resolving issues. But you simply can’t know unless you ask.

Ineffective Policies

Are you doing a good job as an employer? Do your policies make sense, and are they easy to follow? Are there things that employees can use to make their jobs easier? An exit interview will give you some understanding of how workplace policies are working or not working. Once you know what’s happening, you can fix issues to prevent them from causing additional attrition.

What Works

You don’t only need to focus on what doesn’t work. Your employee may also have some positive feedback about the company. Ask them about what does work and what they did like about the job they did. If something is going well, you can enhance those aspects while also adjusting for any problems moving forward.

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