Demonstrating Integrity and Honesty in Your Next Interview

It’s perfectly normal for you to feel anxious before your next healthcare interview. Interviewing is scary, but it’s also a necessary part of finding your next job. What are employers looking for? One of the most important traits for healthcare workers is integrity. That means more than just compliance, it refers to your ability to remain honest and trustworthy on the job. How do you demonstrate integrity in an interview? Here are some suggestions.

Define Honesty

We all know what honesty means, but you can define it for your career when speaking with a potential employer. Talk about how honesty is important to you and provide specific examples of the way honesty and integrity have influenced your career. This will help paint a picture for your interviewer and inform their hiring decision.

Share Mistakes and Your Solutions

One way to do that is to talk about a mistake you’ve made in your career. It’s okay that you are admitting you’re not perfect; mistakes happen to everyone. The most important thing is not that you made a mistake but how you fixed it. Talk about what you did after and how you solved the problem for you and your employer.

Talk About Previous Experiences

Humans interact and communicate via storytelling. It’s helpful in your interviews to refer to specific situations from your past to give people a perspective on your experience. Take a page out of fiction writing 101 and show, don’t tell. It’s one thing to say you’re honest, it’s another thing to share a situation where you needed to be honest with someone.

Share the Word from Patients and Supervisors

Previous contacts will also be a great source of information on your integrity. When you’re able to, provide references for past employers who can speak directly to your honesty. You can also recall stories where patients were grateful that you were honest with them to give some context to your experience at work.

Ask About Company Values

Of course, honesty and integrity aren’t just about you. You also want to know that your core values match those of the potential employer. You don’t want to ask “do you practice integrity,” but you can find out how they handle situations on site. You can ask about their communication policies and how transparent they are about important information.

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