Ways to Attract New Candidates To Your Facility

Are you getting the top talent in Dallas to apply for nursing positions with your facility? What are nurses looking for in employers and in job incentives that will make them not only apply but also stick around? Before you hire your next nurse, consider the ways you can attract new talent to your facility and make them interested in continuing their career with your organization. Here are some of the top incentives that are proven to work.

Relocation Programs

Many facilities rely on relocation programs to help them attract new candidates from all over the country to their open jobs. While the job pool in your area may be just fine, there are certain circumstances where bringing in someone from another place can help push your nursing program to the next level. If someone is outside of the area, even just outside of Dallas but too far to commute, consider offering relocation as a benefit.

Travel Nursing

Similarly, many organizations are turning to travel nursing to help inject some much-needed new perspective into their nursing program. You can work with a staffing agency that specializes in travel nursing so they handle all the processes including the verification of education and certifications, relocation, housing, and placement.

Signing Bonus

Other hospitals are considering a signing bonus for hiring nurses with certain qualifications. Some hospitals are offering as much as $10,000 for nurses to accept jobs with their facilities rather than taking a job with their competition. Never underestimate the power of money and how it can attract top talent, even nurses who are currently not looking for a new placement.

Tuition Reimbursement

Since nursing is a skill that requires specific education, it may also be a benefit to offer tuition reimbursement. This can happen when you offer to pay for continuing education or pay off their student debt, depending on the program that you develop. Education is a tough burden to bear, but we expect so much out of nurses. It’s nice to recognize their hard work in a new way.

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