Thinking About Becoming an RN? This Will Help Your Decision

Becoming A Registered Nurse is A Great Way to Grow in Your Career

Transitioning your career to becoming a registered nurse can be a great career path since there is a shortage of registered nurses in our country and plenty of jobs available. Most facilities are currently requiring a Bachelor of Science in Nursing to be considered for employment. Many registered nurses advance their careers by becoming Nurse Practitioners by obtaining their masters degree and passing the nurse practitioner certification exam and state license for their practice specialty. Nurse practitioners are considered advanced in their field, but there are still opportunities for further advancement. One such opportunity is moving into an administrative role, managing other nurses and staff members. Some nurse practitioners may choose to teach other nurses, while those who have doctoral degrees may choose to go into the research side of medicine.

Find the Right RN Program

Step one when deciding to transition your career to an Registered Nurse is to select a program that fits in your life. Review the programs in your community to see what works best. You may decide to work for a large hospital system where you can transfer to different units to enhance your skill set and marketability or you may choose a practice setting with traditional hours.

Learn Online

If taking classes in your community isn’t a valid option for any reason, there are Registered Nurse programs available online. This flexible option gives you a chance to learn as you go. In many cases, these programs allow you to learn at your own pace as long as you meet deadlines for assignments. Before selecting a program, check out RN classes online to see if they might be a fit.

The Salary Potential

We never recommend making money your top priority when deciding on a career transition, but it is good to look at the differences. Increased salary potential is one of the draws of making this change. The median salary for an RN in the Dallas area is anywhere between $64,000.00 and $79,000.00 annually (this can increase dramatically if you pick up PRN shifts with a nurse staffing agency). For an NP, that number is around $95,639-$111,972 and will only increase with experience. Keep in mind that there are a lot of considerations regarding salary and many factors that will come in to play. To learn more about your specific job title and area of the city, check out resources like or

Available Jobs

The truth is, both RN’s and NP’s are in high demand in the Dallas area. Working with a medical staffing agency can help you find the best opportunities that are the right fit for you.

Find the Best RN Jobs in the Dallas Area

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