Looking for a New Healthcare Job? Here’s What to Do to Land the Offer

Are you looking for a new job in healthcare? How do you even begin to search for the right opportunity in your area when the industry is vast and competitive? Before you decide to go down the rabbit hole on your own, there are a few things you can do to get started and improve your chances. No matter where you find a new opportunity, these tips can help you get the next call and increase the likelihood of getting an offer.

Customize your resume.

Regardless of what role in the healthcare arena you’re looking for, you need to customize your resume to match what employers want. Most employment experts suggest that you customize your resume for every healthcare job. Even if that sounds too daunting, you can make small tweaks with each submission to better communicate why you are a fit for that specific job.

Focus your search.

So many people use the strategy of sending as many resumes as possible to see what sticks. And, sometimes, applying to jobs is a numbers game. But there can also be wisdom in discernment. Spend some time focusing your search on healthcare companies or jobs that you really want. Do some research by looking at the company’s Google and Glassdoor reviews.

The interview.

When you get called for an interview, don’t just assume you can wing it and make a great impression. The top candidates are always well prepared before entering the meeting. Read about the organization on its website and understand its core values, mission and most certainly the requirements of the job description. Make sure you bring copies of your resume and a notepad to take notes.  Prepare questions to ask in advance and be sure to dress professionally. Ask for a business card and send a follow-up “thank you for the interview” email and be sure to let the interviewer know why you are a great fit for the position.

Create a plan of action.

Every healthcare job opening is a problem that needs to be solved. It’s your job to position yourself as the solution. Describe to them the plan of what you want to accomplish in your first month and beyond. They want someone who is proactive, understands their needs and is willing to put the work in to get things done.

Work with a recruiter.

No matter how prepared or focused you are, you may be missing out on great jobs by not opening up to additional resources. One such resource is a staffing agency that specializes in medical and healthcare placements. By working with a recruiter, you will be able to land interviews directly with hiring managers at premier healthcare facilities and corporations. Recruiters also sell your capabilities to the hiring managers and help you with interview tips, resume writing and career coaching.

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