5 Tips to Connect with Your Patients Better as A Nurse

As a nurse, you wear a lot of hats. It’s unsurprising that you might find yourself pulled in multiple directions throughout the course of the day. But in the end, the most important role you have is to provide care for your patients. Connecting with your patients and becoming their advocate in the hospital, clinic, or facility is essential. How can you build a better rapport with multiple personalities through the course of your work? Here are five tips to get you started.

Focus on Communication

To be an advocate for your patience, you need to cultivate your communication skills. This means effective communication in person, over the phone, written, and digital methods. If you have a concern, it needs to be stated clearly and concisely. Don’t stray from the topic and don’t be indirect.

Learn State and Federal Laws

Before you communicate anything, it’s important that you understand the local and federal laws concerning patient rights. You will also want to be aware of your hospital’s policies on any patient advocacy matters. Are new laws changing? Do you feel comfortable with all of the past regulations?

Have a Great Relationship with Doctors and Co-workers

To connect to your patients and make sure you can pass their message on to others, you need to make sure you have a great relationship with your co-workers and the doctors on staff. For example, during a shift change, you need to communicate everything new about your patient to their new nurse on staff. Don’t assume that everyone knows everything about each situation.

Participate in Continued Learning

Things are rapidly changing in the medical industry, and that means you have to be willing to embrace the chance. Don’t avoid learning new skills or technologies just because you’re familiar with the way you do it now. Continued education in nursing is a critical skill that will help you provide the best possible care for your patients.

Be Available

Finally, to connect with your patients and ensure they’re getting the best care, you need to be available to them. This can be a challenge when you’re pulled in multiple directions during your shift, but it’s also critical to your ability to provide quality patient care. Let your patients know they can count on you and be available for the floor staff as well.

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