Getting a BSN – Why Is This Useful to Your Career?

If you’re on your path to a nursing career, or maybe an RN interested in more, have you thought about getting a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing? A registered nurse can practice with only an associate’s degree, but there are a variety of reasons many professionals choose to go on to get their BSN. Could it be useful for your career? If so, what are your next steps and what can you do after graduation?

How Do You Get a BSN?

As a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, you need to commit to a four-year college program to receive this degree. However, you can begin with an associate’s degree in nursing and transfer to the program or you can begin with the BSN program within your undergraduate studies.

The most important thing for either program is to make sure the school is accredited. In the Dallas area, several local universities and community colleges offer BSN programs.

How Does It Affect Jobs?

Registered nurses and those with a BSN are both still able to practice as nurses. The only major difference is the level of education. However, some jobs prefer to hire candidates with BSN experience, especially in some specialized fields of medicine.

But with more education comes more trade-offs. You will spend additional time in school. You may have advanced training in several areas, but you may also have less hands-on experience than your RN counterparts. But there is room for advancement and the ability to make more money.

What’s the Salary?

The exact salary will largely depend on the job itself as well as the company and location, however, candidates with a BSN are likely to make more than their RN counterparts. A BSN is often given more consideration for certain jobs. And, to advance your career further, you may need to obtain even more educational credentials. With a BSN, you’re closer to that goal.

Check resources like to learn more about salaries for nursing positions in the Dallas area that may require a BSN. And if you are currently working as an RN, your employer may be willing to contribute to continued education to pursue your BSN.

Which is Right For You?

It’s impossible for anyone else to tell you which will be more beneficial for your career. Hopefully, you’ve reviewed these ideas and taken an assessment of your interests as well as the pros and cons and make a determination.

Whether you have an RN or BSN, you can find a great nursing job in the Dallas area by partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in medical placements.

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