Why Strict Management Is Important in Healthcare

Are you considered a nice healthcare manager or a strict one? Do you know that these two things don’t have to be mutually exclusive? Strict doesn’t have to be defined as mean, but as a manager, you need to demonstrate authority so your team understands the importance of the work you’re doing. Why do you need to be firm as a healthcare manager? Here are some of the reasons.

Patient Care

It may seem clear, but the quality of patient care is the most important reason for maintaining a strict policy when managing nurses. As a manager, you need to ensure that the care of each patient is a top priority in your department. This doesn’t mean you have to be an overbearing manager, just someone who ensures that the work is being completed in a timely and quality fashion.

Organizational Improvement

You should also focus on the operational improvement in your facility that will allow your team to do their best work. This means you should review policies and procedures regularly and ensure that everything is being handled according to protocol and be willing to make corrections and improvement along the way.

Risk Management

Within a healthcare environment, there is also a lot of potential for risk that needs to be mitigated. And while you may have a dedicated professional in charge of risk management, you also need to ensure that your team is handling their business in such a way that reduces risk to patients as well as the organization.

Employee Satisfaction

While many people will suggest that strict management is counter to employee satisfaction, it can be a powerfully positive tool if handled in the right way. Being strict doesn’t have to be overbearing. You can still give your team the tools they need to have ownership over what they handle day-to-day. You just need to be willing to work with them when problems arise or to prevent problems in the interim. Just remember, there is a fine line between strict management policies and micromanagement and avoid taking control when it’s not necessary.

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