5 Appealing Ways to Position a Healthcare Job for Your Candidates

The job market can shift dramatically in just a few years. During the recovery from the recession, people felt lucky to find a new job, but that’s no longer the case. Now the tables have turned and it’s a candidate market again, especially for nurses. So, how do employers find and hire top candidates? Here are five appealing ways you can position a job for your candidates and attract them to your door.

Write a Compelling Job Description

Attracting the right healthcare candidates starts with a compelling job description. It’s no longer enough just to create a laundry list of job duties and qualifications to expect people will flood your inbox with resumes. The truth is, you may get a flood of resumes, but they won’t be top talent. You want to attract them with excitement for the job.

Share the Possibility for Growth

Current professionals in any healthcare role want to know there is a possibility for growth in their career if they work for you. While you may not want to encourage someone to accept a job just to be a stepping stone, you also have to give them some expectation of what working for you will entail in the long term.

Talk About the Company Goals

They also want to know that your organization has long-term goals that they can benefit from if the work for you. Discuss your company goals, both for hiring this position as well as how it will affect the overall success of the organization.

Emphasize the Company Culture

One of the biggest trends in hiring today is the discussion of company culture. This encompasses everything from the general workstyle and attitude in your organization to the day-to-day minutiae like breaks, vacations, teamwork, and technology. What do you embrace and how does that reflect your corporate mission and values?

What You Can Offer the Candidate

While many job descriptions only focus on what a candidate can do for you on the job, companies should also mention what the company can offer candidates. What can you do in terms of pay and benefits? What about continued education? Other things many healthcare employees look for is flexible work schedules or remote working opportunities.

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