Daily Duties of an MRI Tech

Are you looking for your next job in the medical field or considering a change in your career? Imaging, such as MRIs, are a big part of our modern medical field, so solid candidates with this experience are always in demand. If you think being an MRI technician might be right for you, here are some of the things you should know about the day-to-day life on the job.

Patient Prep

Before you can begin any of the actual MRI processes, you need to prep the patient. They will need to remove anything that may affect the MRI since it uses large magnets to create the 3D image. You may also need to reassure an uncertain patient. MRIs can cause a lot of claustrophobic responses, so being the calm and encouraging voice will be valuable to a lot of your patients.


As a tech, you will also need to position your patients to get the best view of the affected area. Different parts of the body are imaged differently, so you need to make sure you position them for maximum efficiency. You will also have to coach your patient to breathe normally, sit still, and maybe conduct small tests of movement as you run the machine.


Of course, the bulk of what an MRI technician does on the job is imaging. You will be controlling the machine to get the correct image at the correct moment. The doctors and the patient rely on you to snap these images correctly so a diagnosis can be made.


Unlike some other technicians in the healthcare workplace, you will also be responsible for analysis of the images after they’re produced. You will be able to coach the doctor on abnormalities or other inconsistencies between images to better determine the underlying problem. The analysis is a precise skill and does require extensive training.

Applying for an MRI Tech Job

To learn more about MRI Tech positions available in the Dallas area, you may want to reach out to healthcare staffing agencies specializing in these placements.

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