3 Reasons to be Transparent with Candidates In Interview

Interviewing is a complex process, and as a manager, you need to be sure that you’re properly vetting and hiring the best candidates every time. Management does have some responsibilities when meeting new candidates, and one of those is clear and effective communication. To hire top healthcare talent, you should consider how transparency during the interview process will influence their decision to take your job and give them the tools they need to succeed. Here are 3 reasons to be transparent in the interview process.

Increase Candidate Trust

Starting out without full disclosure could create long-term trust issues that can negatively affect the candidate and their healthcare career with your organization. By being transparent from the start, you let your candidates know that you trust them and you want them to trust you in return.

Trust is an essential building block to productivity, efficiency, and innovation. When you trust one another, you’re able to work together to find a common solution to any problem. Transparency is the first step in the trust building process.

Build A Relationship

Beyond trust, you also want to build an amicable professional relationship. You spend more time with your co-workers and employees than you do at home with your family, so it’s important that you genuinely like to be in the same workspace together to provide quality healthcare to patients.

Transparency also says to your team member that you’re willing to work with them and that you want to include them in important decisions in your department. A candidate interested in working with you will jump at the opportunity.

Encourage Teamwork

You and your entire team of employees need to work together in a cohesive manner – day in and day out. Transparency encourages people to work well together because no one will feel as though they’re left out of important information or decisions.

To start with this in the interview gives your candidates that confidence that your company is where they want to work. They’ll see you’re not hiding anything and are willing to share important details when necessary.

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