How to Attract Bilingual Nurses to Your Team

The patients who come into your facility, hospital, or clinic are diverse. It’s your job to ensure that their healthcare needs are being met. Do you have nurses on staff who can communicate with individuals who do not speak English? How can you attract bilingual nurses to your team? Here are just a few ways you can reach out to multi-lingual nursing candidates in your community.

Focus on Your Company Culture

To hire any qualified nurse, you need to establish a culture that attracts top candidates regardless of their specialized knowledge. You want to make sure your facility is a place where nurses want to work. Make your environment an exciting place.

The only way to attract top talent, and have a good retention policy, is if your clinic or hospital is already an employer of choice.

Prioritize Diversity and Inclusion

Even with a positive environment and a good work culture, you also need to make diversity and inclusion a priority. To attract bilingual candidates, they have to know that their contribution to your facility is valued.

Paying lip service to diversity without actually practicing it can be a major problem for your hiring initiatives. Be sure your policies are welcoming and inclusive.

Partner with community colleges with nursing programs to encourage multilingual applicants to apply to your open positions to get real experience after graduation.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Another way to find and hire top bilingual talent is to partner with a staffing agency. A service that specializes in nursing placements has the resources to find and screen candidates who have the language background you’re looking for.

A staffing agency can be your partner throughout the process and relieve some of the pressure on you to find top talent for any of your open positions.

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