Compact Nursing License Growth – How Can You Retain Your Best Nurses and Entice Other Nurses to Move Here

You’ve long heard about the talent shortage in nursing, but could a revival of an old idea come at exactly the right time to improve nurse retention? The NLC or Nurse Licensure Compact, formed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing in 2000, allows for nurses to practice in other NLC states without obtaining a new license for that state. An update to the NLC in 2018 mandated a more thorough background check for participating nurses and a total of 34 states now honor the NLC, including Texas. But what does this mean for Texas healthcare employers?

Nurses seeking an NLC to work will be able to practice reciprocally in participating states. It’s not unlike a driver’s license, which is issued by one state but gives the carrier the ability to drive in every state. However, just like a driver’s license, nurses with an NLC have to follow the specific employment requirements for each state where they’re working.

Make it Harder for Top Talent to Leave

One impact the Compact Nursing License program growth can have on the industry is the temptation for nurses to leave. They may be interested in pursuing travel nursing or maybe they want to move to another state because of their partner or family. Somethings you can’t control for, but some things you can.

In order to entice your top nurses to stay on staff with you, you need to be an employer of choice. You need to have a facility they won’t want to leave with perks and bonuses they can’t get elsewhere. Work hard on your retention program to demonstrate your commitment to keeping nurses happy and engaged.

Make it Easier for Top Talent to Work for You

But if the risk of good employees leaving Texas is high, that also means you may have an opportunity to hire top talent from around the country yourself. You want to be a place that is welcoming to people interested in working in the Dallas area. And Texas has a lot to offer in terms of livability. You can leverage that with a recruiting program specifically designed to target nurses carrying the reciprocal license.

You can partner with an agency that specializes in medical placements to help you find talent from around the country interested in working with your facility and benefit from the NLC process in return.

Work With a Top Healthcare Staffing Agency in Dallas

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