Is Travel Nursing Right For You?

If you’re a trained nurse, you’ve probably considered all the possibilities for your career. Has travel nursing been on your radar? There are all kinds of opportunities for nurses to travel all around the county, and even the world, to provide medical care on a short-term basis. These roles can be general or specialized and you will work with an agency to find the best placement. If you want to know more about travel nursing, here are some details to help you decide.

Travel Nursing Overview

At the most basic level, travel nurses will work at clinics or hospitals on short-term assignments all over the country. Sometimes these positions are specialized, such as dialysis nursing. Travel nurses have to be willing to hit the ground running and able to work with multiple people in new environments.

Travel Nursing Salary Expectations

The specific salary ranges will depend entirely on the job itself and the area where you will be working. Many of our positions start at $30 per hour or more, which is consistent with industry and national standards. As you build your portfolio of travel nurse assignments, you may be able to earn as much as $50 per hour.

Fringe Benefits

While the rate of pay is great, there are many other things that draw individuals to work as travel nurses. Some agencies provide a completion bonus if you work the entire assignment. Some jobs also come with a per diem for lodging and meals. You also have the exceptional experience of being able to live and work in a new city for your job. And once that’s done, you can move to another location.

Partnering with a Healthcare Staffing Agency

To become a travel nurse, your first step is to contact an agency that specializes in these types of placements. You will complete an application and the interview process and then work with the recruiter to place you on the right assignments for your skills and interests. The agency will also handle the process of verifying your credentials for the employer.

Work With a Top Healthcare Staffing Agency in Dallas TX

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