How to Build A Sense of Community Amongst Your Nurses

In any workplace, it’s important that a team have a good rapport and working relationship. But it’s imperative that nurses have a good sense of community since patient care is often reliant on the ability of your staff to work well together as a team. You can help build and foster a sense of community among your nurses. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Develop a Shared Mission

The first step for teambuilding is to create a shared mission based on the values of your organization. What is the ultimate goal of providing the best care possible to patients? What can everyone contribute to meet that goal? Once you have a mission statement in place, you can use it to motivate your entire team.

Include Everyone

Community needs to be more than just your nursing staff. Nurses interact with plenty of other people on a daily basis. Everyone from back-office support to maintenance and cleaning employees are all part of the community. Include everyone in your team building endeavors.

Value Individual Strengths

Each of your nursing employees has a significant skill that stands out from the crowd. Value these strengths and encourage each nurse to rely on one another for their varied skill sets. This can give everyone a sense of individual purpose among the team.

Create Trust

Teamwork is best created on a foundation of trust. That means you need to be a trustworthy boss and encourage your nurses to trust one another and the rest of the hospital, office, or clinic staff. To do this, accept and process feedback in all forms, recognize individuals for their contributions, and lead by example.

Celebrate Everything

Shared experiences are also a building block of community, and there is no better way to foster that than by celebrating any milestone. Milestones can be anything from a holiday to meeting a personal goal. It can also recognize anyone on your team who has accomplished something important on the job or otherwise.

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