Unique Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Are you trained as a nurse practitioner and wondering what’s next for your career? There’s good news. You don’t just have to follow one prescribed career path when you’re an NP. There are dozens of unique jobs that nurse practitioners can consider. If you want to think creatively about your next job search, here are… Read more »

Cybersecurity Checkpoint: The State of Electronic Records and the Internet of Things in Healthcare

As if a virus raging its way around the globe isn’t bad enough, there are more threats to the healthcare system than just COVID-19. You’ve probably heard about the ways our increased reliance on technology is leading to more cyber-attacks, such as the Zoom Bombers forcing their way onto private video meetings. But that is… Read more »

June 2020: The Current Science of Vaccines

It’s hard to find anything in the news today that isn’t about COVID-19. This novel coronavirus has been sweeping its way around the globe and been very difficult to stop, treat, or prevent. You can see in news stories from around the world that some countries have been able to keep it contained and that… Read more »

Travel Nurse 101: What You Should Know Before Choosing This Career

Today, more than ever before, cities across the country need additional help in their hospitals and other medical facilities. With COVID-19 spreading throughout the nation, even states that reported low numbers of the virus before may start seeing hotspots beginning to develop. These communities will need additional medical staff, and travel nurses will be on… Read more »

Happy Nurses Week! International Nurses Day and Nursing Around the World

Today, more than ever before, it’s imperative that nurses are appreciated. Nurses are finding themselves on the front lines of a massive global pandemic, and it can take a serious toll on their own health, safety, and mental wellbeing. When the theme of the 2020 International Nurses Day was chosen, Nursing the World to Health,… Read more »

Mental Health Awareness Month: How Mental Health Affects Healthcare Staff

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Did you know that nurses report a higher depression rate than many other professions? Nursing is a stressful job, so it’s up to nurse leaders to take action to keep their nursing staff healthy. We understand that stress is always going to be a part of the job, especially… Read more »

What Does it Take to Become a Paramedic?

Thinking about becoming a paramedic?  There are a few things you’ll need to do to transition your career into a role as a paramedic. Here is what it takes for you to become a paramedic no matter what stage you’re starting at. Complete EMT Training To become a paramedic, you’ll need to become an EMT… Read more »

What Does it Take to Become an EMT?

Do you think a career path as an EMT is right for you? Emergency medical technicians are among the first responders in medical emergencies, so the training involved is highly specialized. EMTs are dispatched to the scene through 911 calls and assist with immediate medical needs as well as provide transport to the hospital. If… Read more »

Equal Opportunity Nursing – Addressing Discrimination in the Workplace

A nurse manager wears many hats but it can be a gratifying job. Just as in any other profession nursing can have it’s challenges, and without addressing it as a nurse manager, it can quickly spiral out of control. As a leader, addressing discrimination in nursing is vital to the facility. There are multiple situations… Read more »

Blockchain Technology in Healthcare: How Can it Help?

You may not have realized you’ve heard of Blockchain before, but you have. This is the technology closely related to cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. It’s also been used in a variety of other industries, such as manufacturing and shipping. Did you know that Blockchain technology is becoming a big part of healthcare? What is the trend,… Read more »