5 Tips to Eliminate Back Pain from Your Nursing Career

Pain while working is not uncommon for those in the nursing profession. And while it is common, that doesn’t mean it’s normal or okay. Back pain can be an indicator of other problems and, if left unaddressed, can balloon into something much worse. There is good news. Even if you experience the occasional back pain while working, you can eliminate it from your career with a few simple tips. Here are some ideas to get started.


A good pair of shoes for your work as a nursing professional is the foundation of good health and posture. Before you invest in your next pair of shoes, visit a kiosk that measures more than your foot size. You can get a sense of what pressure points need attention and how you walk to improve your posture and the tension in your back and legs.


Throughout the day, take time to stretch. Stretching your muscles, especially those in your back that are under a lot of daily stress, will help you relieve tension both physically and mentally. Stand and stretch your arms above your head to elongate your spine. Check out other stretching exercises that can help you eliminate back pain.


A frequent cause of back pain is the lack of proper posture. This doesn’t just affect nurses, but it also plagues office workers who sit at desks in front of computers for eight hours a day. Simply being aware of your posture and sitting up straight or walking with your chest out can help you maintain back health.

Careful Lifting

There will be lots of occasions where you will need to lift things as a nurse. If you’re lifting an object solo, be sure to lift with your knees, not your back. If you have to lift a person, always perform a team lift with another medical professional and be sure to follow all proper protocol for the safety of you and the patient.

Pull Don’t Push

One that you may not think about is the way pushing versus pulling affects your spine and the muscles in your back. Pushing allows you to remain in a more natural position and uses the strength of your body to move the object while pulling often uses one arm disproportionately and contorts the spine.

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